Sean Carey

Sean Carey is the proud artist owner of Gold Spiral Studios! Sean is a veteran tattooer putting art on skin since 1997. He loves to tattoo anything Japanese or Traditional, especially large-scale pieces that he can bomb color into. He’s constantly working on back pieces, chest pieces, sleeves- anything that he can work large scale and pack tons of detail into his art. He opened Golden Spiral over in 2009 and has since housed dozens of artists, and apprenticed a few as well. He continuously grows the tattoo community with his commitment to tattooing, teaching, and fostering a community for artists to excel in.


When Sean isn’t tattooing he’s pretty much always spending time with his two little girls, who are the only things more important to him than his craft. He’s got a serious interest in all things fighting, though he himself is more of a peaceful man, he can’t resist a good match. He’s a food connoisseur, treating himself and his girls to endless nights out enjoying Greensboro’s finest dines, then finishes off his nights watching horror movies and yelling at the television.